Robin Williams Passes at Age 63

When I heard the news about what happened to Robin Williams I was quite shocked as I think most of us were but then I thought back to the interview he did with Marc Maron in 2010 and remembered he did talk about suicide in it.  It was a very different kind of interview as most with Robin are just him joking around with the interviewer.  With Marc it was very different, Robin was serious for most of the interview and talked more about his personal feelings and experiences.  As hard as Robin’s passing is now for Marc, he did republish his interview with Robin along with adding a new intro and footer to it.  If you missed this interview in 2010 and are having a hard time trying to understand just what happened, I would recommend you give it a listen now.  It’s still timely and I think even more so now.  Rest with the angels Robin and you will be with your friend Christopher Reeve again. Remembering Robin Williams.

 {{HUGS}} and thanks to Marc Maron for making the interview available again. 


Detroit Treads!

Detroit Treads

Own a piece of Detroit for your feet! Detroit Treads sandals are being made by the Cass Community Social Services from illegally dumped tires in the city of Detroit and providing jobs for local labor to do it. The organization started making mud mats from the tires in 2007 and now the new Detroit Treads sandals. Check out the story to see how to order.

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WTF Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top Interview

ZZ Top founder Billy Gibbons details the journey of a band that has been together for nearly 45 years, with beards and without. Billy tells Marc what he learned opening for Jimi Hendrix, how he made a guitar out of Muddy Waters’s house, and what he thought of ZZ Top’s huge commecial success in the 1980s.  Episode 560 of Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast which you can hear free as Marc’s most recent 100 podcasts are always free to hear.

You can hear the podcast by clicking on the player button at the WTF website or my favorite way is to listen on Winamp by clicking on subscribe, search for WTF with Marc Maron and subscribe to catch interviews with musical guests and comedians.


Benmont Tench on WTF Podcast and new album

Benmont Tench was interviewed for Episode 495 of Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast which you can hear free as Marc’s most recent 100 podcasts are always free to hear.  In the podcast you will hear Benmont talk with Marc about his new solo album, his time with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers including how the band formed and early recordings, some talk about Blues legends with influences, Ringo Starr’s tambourine playing and much more!  You just might remember Benmont’s signature Hammond Organ sound at the intro of the Tom Petty song “Refugee”.

You can hear the podcast by clicking on the player button at the WTF website or my favorite way is to listen on Winamp by clicking on subscribe, search for WTF with Marc Maron and subscribe to catch interviews with musical guests and comedians.

Wednesday Night at Memories

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Wednesday Night at Memories

Wednesday Night at Memories

This is a shot of my Wednesday night gig at Memories in Second Life.  It’s a new club Second Life but as you can see it’s already quite lively. Memories plays Classic Rock/Pop Music of the 60s-90s and there are some Love Song sets to also enjoy as a couple. It is the creation of friends BigEvilDude Forder and Lisa Petrolhead.

We have been having some good times there enjoying music together while we dance and chat about issues of the day.  Great place to unwind at the end of a busy day without needing a baby sitter!  If you are in Second Life, stop by and see us, the schedule of DJs and their hosts is on the wall in the club.  Join the group to receive notices of events. Currently hiring more staff, contact BigEvilDude Forder or Lisa Petrolhead in Second Life for an application. Memories in Second Life

To George and Shelly Zimmerman

Yeah, I read the transcripts of your jail conversations.  You knew they were being recorded so I didn’t feel like I was easedropping on something very private.  What really gets me beyond the fact that anyone would give you two money is…why fraud?  Think about it.  Folks are nice enough to part with some cash for you because they think you need it for legal defense.  Do you spend it on that?  Nooooo.. instead it’s a great time to pay off all your credit card bills, a loan you had from the parents, Shelly’s school bills, hide some cash in some relatives accounts…anything BUT what you told people you needed the money for.  Where I come from Z’s this is called fraud! Legally wrong…morally wrong..just plain WRONG!

That recording before each call the two of you had that warned you that the calls would be recorded wasn’t a big enough clue?  So now Shelly might end up with a felony which is really going to mess up her plans to be a nurse.  So very hard to be a nurse as a felon!  This also makes it harder and harder to believe anything you say George.  The different stories told about what happened to you are far fetched enough.  Saying at your bond hearing that you didn’t know Trayvon was a kid yet forgetting you told the dispatcher in the 911 call he was a black teen.  With you as the best witness as to what really happened…we need the TRUTH from you and it’s not there.  The Martins need the truth, parents across the country now worried that there might be more like you out there with guns hunting our teenagers want to hear what really happened.  Be clean with us George and Shelly.

If you didn’t need the money for legal defense like you asked for it for.  The right thing would have been to give it back if you could.  If not, donate it to a charity, thank your donators and let them know some good came from the fund.  That’s what I would do.  You didn’t win the lottery…you shouldn’t be profiting from a very sad situation.  Do the right thing!

Regarding the Zimmerman/Martin Case

Lots more was released on this case including police reports and the autopsy report along with misc like the evidence list or log.  Been combing through these as this case has been interesting to me because my son Dan will be 17 in July and often takes a walk before bed as he claims it helps him to sleep.  He’s also exercising a leg that has an issue which is helped by his exercise.  Very easily it could have been my child shot that night.  I’ve been haunted since hearing the screaming on the 9/11 call that is obviously not from an adult but from a frightened kid instead.  It’s that killing a rabbit death scream that is one of the worst things to ever hear. 

I also caught the transcripts of the jail conversations between the Zimmermans. Shame on those two collecting money from people for a “Defense Fund” that is actually being used to pay off credit cards and hidden away in relatives bank accounts.  They sounded like mafia dividing up loot or lottery winner that for some reason had to make their winnings suddenly all gone.  Meanwhile, Shelly Zimmerman is telling the judge that they are broke so George can get a lower bond.  George’s credibility is shot in my view. Don’t even think he should have been carrying a gun at all considering the medications he was on to treat anxiety. These medications could be a reason George was accepted into the police academy but didn’t finish it.  We got to see his application and that it was accepted at one point but there was no mention that he had graduated or why not.  Could still be other reasons but considering the side effects of his medication…George with a gun was dangerous.  Some other tidbits below:

Tapes of a witness of what happened that night, were played on

WITNESS 2: “I mean that little kid was so skinny compared to him”.

POLICE: “Exactly, yeah, that’s the impression that we all got”.

WITNESS 2: “And I can tell you there was no fighting going on at the time that the gun went off. Because we were both in the kitchen making coffee, the window was open, there was no fighting. And the fight that happened started way down the sidewalk, because the person on the very end of this block is the one who called the police originally because the fight broke out. Now the kid got shot way down here, you know, five doors down. I know they were not physically fighting at the time that gun went off, when we heard the shot, and the kid hit the ground”.

The autopsy report listed Martin at 5’11 and 158 lbs. and none of the police believed that a 200 lb. Zimmerman was afraid of being beaten to death by him. Trayvon Martin was shot 70 yards. from were he was staying. Does 70 yards. from a persons domicile satisfy those that say ,” he should have ran home”, and does shooting a skinny kid after a fight represent, “Self-Defense”?

Apparently, there is a photo of Trayvon Martin being circulated via conservative web sites that shows a picture with tattoos on his face and neck.  This is NOT a picture of Trayvon as the autopsy report shows the presence of only 2 small tattoos one on the upper arm and another on the inside of his wrist.  If you see this picture circulated, know it is mere disrespect for the dead…not an actual picture of Trayvon.  There would be no reason to lie on an autopsy report in regard to the amount of tattoos and where they were located.  Think about it…